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What is #FailForward?

Fail Forward is more than just a hashtag - it's a way of life. The concept was created by Jacob Brown, a former professional athlete turned businessman, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker.

Failing forward (in a nutshell) means to use the failure, adversity, and the hard times we will inevitably go through to learn lessons, grow thicker skin, and help others.

Read the original #FailForward article Jacob wrote in 2018 describing how he failed forward throughout his career.

David Byrd – Faith

I never envisioned myself cleaning toilets in the pool houses of million dollar estates. As much as I love golf, I didn’t see myself struggling to make ends meet by selling $1200 irons so I could make the $15 commission. … Read More

Jamie Breen – Failing Forward

My first struggle was losing my house in the 2009 disaster with a 2 year old and 5 months pregnant with my second. My husband and I couldn’t afford to feed all of us so I did the most heart-wrenching … Read More

My Cornbread Moment

14 years ago, I started working at Staples as a second job. I was barely making my rent and my car bill was always late, sometimes 2 months behind. I picked up the second job only to make another $7.45 … Read More

From the NFL to the CNC

14 years ago, I was working in a CNC machine shop, making 1,000-1,500 ball bearings a day. I made $9/hr. Only a month prior, I was running routes during practice on the Oakland Raiders football field along side Randy Moss. … Read More

James Cooper – Journey is the Gift

Life has its own ways of throwing you ups and downs. One minute you’re riding high getting dressed for football practice and the next  you’re standing in front of a judge receiving a 3.5 million dollar bond. What follows becomes … Read More

Rejection vs Resilience

I was rejected over and over again. I didn’t meet the qualifications. I didn’t have the education required. I didn’t have the years of experience. I didn’t lead a big enough team. I didn’t have big enough client projects. I … Read More

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