I turn failure into fuel.

Navigating two decades of trials, I've transformed my series of falls into stepping stones. Now, I guide others to see failure not as a dead end, but as the fuel for growth.

My journey has been marked by setbacks - dropping out of college, navigating through unsuccessful business ventures and job losses, enduring the pain of a broken marriage, and experiencing homelessness. These experiences taught me an invaluable lesson: life isn't measured by the frequency of our falls, but by our resilience in rising again.

I'm on a mission, a straightforward yet powerful one: to Fail Forward.

Are you ready to turn your setbacks into comebacks with me?

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college football athletes to make it to the NFL in 2006.

Jacob is a family man first.

Jacob may be an international speaker, coach C-level executives, and motivate thousands of humans everyday, but he has always held family at the core of his values.

He resides in Metro Detroit, MI with his wife, Kimberly and four children, Cayden, Connor, Noah and August.

Whether he's attending a ballet, rooting at baseball and basketball games, or traveling on a family vacation, Jacob always prioritizes making precious memories with those closest to him.

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