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Jacob Brown's journey from the rigorous NFL fields to international stages is nothing short of inspiring. Today, as a seasoned entrepreneur, riveting speaker, and acclaimed writer, he stands as a testament to the power of resilience. Beyond his athletic achievements, Jacob co-founded Varlo—a premier brand specializing in cycling and triathlon apparel.

Life has thrown its share of challenges at Jacob—be it academic setbacks, business hurdles, personal losses, or even the bitter pangs of homelessness. Yet, in each stumble, he found strength. He failed forward. He discovered that failure isn’t the end – it’s fuel.

A three-time TEDx speaker, Jacob was distinguished as one of the '40 Under 40' in 2015. His insights and stories have graced the pages of Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America. Notable institutions and brand—including Intel, Meta, UPS, Stellantis, University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, and Central Michigan University—have been captivated by his talks.

But Jacob's mission extends beyond mere motivation. He champions a transformative approach, advocating for a mental reset, a reframing of life's view, and the ignition of one's true calling. With his signature #FailForward philosophy shared across LinkedIn, motivational posts, and compelling videos, Jacob has become a beacon for countless individuals worldwide, teaching them to harness the energy of setbacks.

At the heart of it all, Jacob remains a dedicated family man, cherishing the roles of a loving husband and a doting father to four wonderful children.

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