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What is #FailForward?

Fail Forward is more than just a hashtag - it's a way of life. The concept was created by Jacob Brown, a former professional athlete turned businessman, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker.

Failing forward (in a nutshell) means to use the failure, adversity, and the hard times we will inevitably go through to learn lessons, grow thicker skin, and help others.

Read the original #FailForward article Jacob wrote in 2018 describing how he failed forward throughout his career.

Shauna Griffiths – Failing Forward

My name is Shauna Griffiths. I’m the CEO/Founder of SLG Impact. Making a positive impact on people and with my work has always been my North Star. I spent 20+ years in Marketing and Brand Partnerships for professional sports and entertainment properties, and on the agency side. I … Read More

Take The Leap

One year ago today, I resigned from my position at General Motors. I had nothing lined up – not one job. I’d just had my daughter and she was barely two months old. My family thought I was crazy. My friends … Read More

Grab Your Shovel

I got my first job when I was 12 years old. I made $15 an hour shoveling the sidewalks at the local town library. I remember waking up at 5am to walk half a mile, still pitch dark and freezing … Read More

Stop Doubting Your Ideas

In 2012, I had an idea for a website that would allow the Girl Scouts to sell cookies online – so I built it. My mom was a Girl Scout leader and I remember, as a 12 year old, hauling … Read More

Dream Job Turned Nightmare

When I was 27, I applied for a position I knew I wasn’t qualified for – and I landed it. It was my dream job. This position was a lead role for a very large digital agency and one that … Read More

Under Armour

When I was 26, I received a phone call from a recruiter. He was from Under Armour. He was searching online for a “nationwide SEO expert” to fill their SEO Manager position and I was the 1st listing on the 1st … Read More

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