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What is #FailForward?

Fail Forward is more than just a hashtag - it's a way of life. The concept was created by Jacob Brown, a former professional athlete turned businessman, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker.

Failing forward (in a nutshell) means to use the failure, adversity, and the hard times we will inevitably go through to learn lessons, grow thicker skin, and help others.

Read the original #FailForward article Jacob wrote in 2018 describing how he failed forward throughout his career.

Mental Fitness on Friday: Finish Strong

Fridays, with their promise of upcoming relaxation, can often tempt us into a premature weekend mode. But maintaining mental sharpness on this final weekday is crucial for both productivity and well-being. Here’s why and how: The Importance of Friday Focus … Read More

October: A Fresh Start

October is here, and everything feels fresh and new. The trees change color, and the air gets cool. Just like nature, it’s a good time for us to think about changes too. Changing with October Trees change in October. We … Read More

From Ball Boy to Balling

Mike McDaniel: From Ball Boy to Balling This past Sunday, the Denver Broncos lost 70-20 to the Miami Dolphins. The head coach for the Dolphins was their former ball boy. Read that again. Mike McDaniel was born and raised in … Read More

The Brew Divide: Creamer Fans vs Black Coffee Buffs

Morning scenes at the coffee station can easily feel like a coffee preference showdown. Are you team “douse that bitterness with creamer” or the brave heart “black coffee or bust”? Here’s a light roast of what your morning brew choice … Read More

Champion’s Insight: The Mindset Advantage

The greatest achievements in human history often aren’t just the result of talent, luck, or raw skill. More often than not, they’re the outcome of a specific kind of mental orientation: a winning mindset. Having a winning mindset is more … Read More

From Cleats to Keynotes: My Transition from the NFL to the Stage

The roaring of the crowds, the thrill of the game, the binding camaraderie in the locker room – the world of the football is exhilarating. Yet, as with any profession, there comes a time to hang up the cleats and … Read More

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