The Brew Divide: Creamer Fans vs Black Coffee Buffs

Morning scenes at the coffee station can easily feel like a coffee preference showdown. Are you team “douse that bitterness with creamer” or the brave heart “black coffee or bust”? Here’s a light roast of what your morning brew choice might be spilling about your personality:

Team Creamer:

  1. Sweet Seekers: Creamer fans often want life sugar-coated, smooth with a hint of vanilla essence maybe?
  2. Colorful Creatives: Every pour of creamer is a stroke of genius to a canvas, unveiling the Picasso within.

Team Black Coffee:

  1. Bold & Bare: A black coffee aficionado walks the bitter lanes of life with a bold heart, no sugar coating needed!
  2. Minimal Magic: With a “less is more” banner, they sail through life’s chaos with nothing but a stark brew.

Whether you’re floating on a creamy cloud or riding the bold bitter waves, every coffee choice brews a story. So the next time someone asks, cream or black, remember, it’s more than just a coffee clash!

So, how do you take your coffee? (Results will be in the next newsletter)

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