The Brew Divide: Creamer Fans vs Black Coffee Buffs

Morning scenes at the coffee station can easily feel like a coffee preference showdown. Are you team “douse that bitterness with creamer” or the brave heart “black coffee or bust”? Here’s a light roast of what your morning brew choice … Read More

Champion’s Insight: The Mindset Advantage

The greatest achievements in human history often aren’t just the result of talent, luck, or raw skill. More often than not, they’re the outcome of a specific kind of mental orientation: a winning mindset. Having a winning mindset is more … Read More

You’re Closer Than You Think

If you feel like you’ve had enough – you’re closer than you think. If you feel like you’re going to break – you’re closer than you think. If you feel like you’re underpaid – you’re closer than you think. If … Read More

Ryan Jordan – Laying Low to Flying High

Have you ever realized you are wasting time and money? For me, this moment came in January of 2020. Actually, the day was January 21, 2020. I was working in the “box,” better known as the Fuels Service Center. The … Read More

David Byrd – Faith

I never envisioned myself cleaning toilets in the pool houses of million dollar estates. As much as I love golf, I didn’t see myself struggling to make ends meet by selling $1200 irons so I could make the $15 commission. … Read More

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