An Event Planner’s Dream: What They Truly Desire in a Keynote Speaker

When you’re a keynote speaker, understanding your audience is crucial. But there’s another group you need to understand just as well: event planners. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that every detail of the event aligns with the desired outcome. Here’s a deep dive into what they’re looking for:

    1. Alignment with Event Theme:
      The most critical aspect for event planners is that your message should align seamlessly with the event’s theme. Whether it’s about innovation, leadership, or personal growth, make sure your content complements the overarching theme.
    2. Engagement and Interaction:
      Event planners value speakers who can engage the audience. This doesn’t just mean delivering a speech; it’s about creating an interactive experience. Live polls, Q&A sessions, and real-time feedback are ways to keep attendees involved and invested.
    3. Customized Content:
      One-size-fits-all doesn’t work in the world of keynote speaking. Event planners appreciate when speakers take the time to tailor their content, ensuring it resonates specifically with their audience.
    4. Professionalism:
      From timely communication to respecting the stipulated time slot, maintaining professionalism is paramount. Remember, for event planners, the stakes are high. They need reliability and consistency from their speakers.
    5. Adaptability:
      Sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, things go awry. Technical glitches, schedule changes, or last-minute shifts can occur. Event planners highly value a speaker who can adapt and pivot without compromising the quality of their delivery.
    6. Diverse Presentation Modes:
      Not everyone in the audience will resonate with a traditional lecture format. Mixing things up with storytelling, visuals, videos, or even a workshop segment can enhance your presentation’s appeal.
    7. Post-Event Engagement:
      The relationship shouldn’t end when the event does. Event planners appreciate speakers who remain accessible, whether that’s through a book signing, a meet-and-greet, or even a follow-up webinar.
    8. Feedback Reception:
      Continuous improvement is the key to mastery. Being open to feedback – both from the event planner and the audience – and showing a willingness to implement it in future presentations can set you apart.
    9. Relevant Expertise:
      Your credentials, experiences, and expertise should be relevant to the event and its audience. This assures event planners that you bring authentic, credible insights to the table.
    10. Promotion Assistance:
      Many event planners seek speakers willing to promote the event on their channels. Sharing your participation on social media or in your newsletter can drive attendance and enhance the event’s visibility.

To wrap it up

While delivering a memorable speech is vital, there’s so much more to being a successful keynote speaker from an event planner’s perspective. By understanding and addressing these aspects, you not only increase your chances of getting hired but also ensure a lasting impact on your audience.