My Cornbread Moment

14 years ago, I started working at Staples as a second job.

I was barely making my rent and my car bill was always late, sometimes 2 months behind.

I picked up the second job only to make another $7.45 and hour.

I remember being so hungry for lunch, but my account was in overdraft 80% of the time so “meeting friends for lunch” wasn’t even something that ever crossed my mind.

I was more than broke – I couldn’t even afford to ride the struggle bus.

I can remember walking down to Kroger on lunch, scraping up a few dimes and nickels to buy their $0.50 cornbread.

This was my reality.

I didn’t have extra money for anything more than the rent and carnote I was already late on, diapers, baby formula, gas, and minimal groceries.

As a man, I felt like a failure.

I did this for 2 years before getting my first break that launched my career.

Listen, if you are struggling, dirt poor, and feel like giving up – remember that you are not alone.

There is purpose in your struggle.

There are lessons to be learned.

There is strength gained in the valley.

I’ll never forget that cornbread.

I think about it all the time and it has been a remeinder to that keeps me humble.

Everyone should have a cornbread moment – so they are more appreciative for the steak.