Dream Job Turned Nightmare

When I was 27, I applied for a position I knew I wasn’t qualified for – and I landed it.

It was my dream job.

This position was a lead role for a very large digital agency and one that I had always wanted to work for.

I had a phone interview on a Wednesday, a face-to-face that Friday and was made an offer that Sunday.

I even received my benefits package the same day.

They offered me $30K more than what I was currently making at the time, 4 weeks vacation and every other Friday off during summer.

Jackpot, right? Wrong!

That Monday, I received a call that the position was going to be eliminated due to lack of budget.

I was crushed.

But I was not defeated.

Shortly after, I was offered an even better position and life went on.

Moral of the story: #FailForward

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Jacob Brown is a former professional athlete turned businessman, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker.
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