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Hello, and thank you for considering me, Jacob Brown, as your keynote speaker for your next National Sales Meeting. As a former NFL athlete, seasoned entrepreneur, and a passionate executive coach, I bring a unique blend of grit, strategy, and motivational insight to every engagement.

My Journey: From NFL Fields to Corporate Leader

My journey in the competitive world of the NFL, combined with over 15 years in corporate America, has equipped me with unparalleled insights into teamwork, resilience, and achieving peak performance under pressure. As a keynote speaker, I delve into these experiences to share strategies that can transform your sales teams into championship-caliber units.

What I Offer

Every sales team is unique. My speeches are not one-size-fits-all; they are customized to resonate with your team's specific challenges and goals.

Drawing from my rich experience in sports and business, I offer practical, actionable strategies that your team can implement immediately to boost their performance.

I believe in the power of storytelling. My talks are peppered with engaging, real-life stories from my NFL and corporate career, providing relatable and inspiring takeaways.

Engagement is key. My sessions are interactive, encouraging participation and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

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